Video: Selling Art & How to DEAL With Etsy Changes

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Have you seen the new policies have changed how Etsy works? Are you finding it harder than ever to sell? I talk about the policy issue and what you need to do to sell your art better.

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3 Ways To Improve Your Art Marketing Today

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iStock_000016099442SmallWe struggle navigating technology, new tools and changes in the art world.

It’s okay to not know EVERYTHING about everything that there is to use.

Keeping the system simple as well as how we promote our art can greatly improve the quality of our life and of course the artwork itself. I don’t want to see artists exhausted at the computer desk, striving for perfection, spending hours upon hours researching, networking or working.

Gosh, if we had all the time in the world – we’d STILL never reach the end of the possibilities and angles there could be to market our art.

There are just TOO many different ways. We are not meant to attempt all of them. We are not meant to compare ourselves to other artists and how they are marketing their work.

Everyone has a different story to share and a different type of work.

Their audience is unique.

Their market is unique.

Their personality is unique.

You should not strive to do what the next artist is doing. You must find that perfect, unique and SIMPLE method for you. So, while you are perusing the web, or reading this blog – you were probably on a mission today to learn something new you could attach to your current marketing methods, right? Maybe you feel like you’re not doing something correctly, or doing ENOUGH of something…correctly. Right?

I will give you 3 surefire ways to improve and simplify your art marketing today, right now that is more important than any other thing you could possibly do. This should really help you relax a bit and take things more naturally.

1. Be YOURSELF. I know this is a hard one and sometimes artists misunderstand. People WANT to know you. The real you. What are your values? Interests? Goals? Passions? You don’t have to be like the other artist who is funny, sexy, quirky, or weird. You are meant to be you and that is the person who represents your work the best. If you are a religious artist, you would want to talk about your faith and the meaning behind your art in that subject. If you are a fantasy artist, you would want to share your inspirations and passion for comic books or that television show that motivated you to create DRAGONS or something to that effect. The point of the matter is, when you are willing and able to be expressive of your true nature and personality, it gives you great ideas for blog posts, who to talk to, where to network and what to share on your site. It makes navigating creating content or sharing your work THAT much easier. Fans and collectors are endeared to that. The artist who really shines is the one who is true to themselves. Think about it!

2. Only Use The Social Networks You Need To. If a social network you used changed or maybe people are paying more attention to your work in different places (see most responses from cafe visitors or gallery visitors? Maybe you find more people talk to you on Twitter than Facebook? and so on…) You don’t HAVE to be everywhere at everytime. Decide what places people engage with you the most (if you are in that position yet) and spend your time there, rather than posting and engaging on every single site and network that exists. It’s just not efficient and effective. Build your community where it is. If you’re just starting out, you will eventually see where to focus your efforts and attention!

3. Adapt as things change. I know this is a hard one, but if we are integrating technology, social media or other marketing efforts in general, we have to realize that things change and adapt too. If Facebook doesn’t work for you anymore after several years, move onto something else. If gallery shows are not your cup of tea, you don’t HAVE to do them. If teaching art classes isn’t working for you or taking up too much of your time from other work, shelve it for another time in your career when you are ready. Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s broken – or that YOU are not meant to use it. Sometimes we must adapt and change with the changes….and come back to it later or find something new that does work.

Tomorrow at 2pm EST, I will be hosting a live Google Hangout where we will talk about adapting to new opportunities in our art careers. We’ll be discussing Multiple Revenue Streams and I’d love you to join me! Come here to sign up! It’s FREE>

Free Training Next Week! #Artrepreneur: Building A Sustainable Art Career Through Multiple Revenue Streams

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artre2Join me in my free live training! In this Google hangout, I’ll be teaching you about how to create thriving and sustainable art careers through a system entrepreneurs call – multiple revenue streams. It’s one of the most vital ways of running a thriving small business and any of us successful artists know - just selling a painting isn’t going to pay the bills!!!

There are fun and exciting ways to grow our business and take our art career to the next level.
DATE: July 15th, Tuesday
TIME: 2pm EST/11am PST
PLACE: Google Hangout live video (sign up for a gmail account if you haven’t yet so you can join the chat and ask questions!)
In this training I will teach you:1. What revenue streams artists can create
2. How to build multiple revenue streams to grow your business
3. Find new work using social media
4. Creating more opportunities to connect with potential clients and build a larger fanbase

This training is perfect for fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers, crafters and entrepeneurs in the creative field!

We’ll touch on everything from the basics of art business – prints, licensing and sales to the cooler and more unique business ideas you may have never thought of! Please join me and other artists for another fun, action packed and informative presentation free of charge!

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3 Ways To Improve Your Art Marketing Today

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We struggle navigating technology, new tools and changes in the art world. It’s okay to not know EVERYTHING about everything that there is to use. Keeping the system simple as well as how... READ MORE